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Cascada de los Prismas Basalticos is in a privileged area, in the middle of the Western Sierra Madre, an area surrounded by subtropical forest, which makes the area perfect for observing flora and fauna, mainly various species of local and migratory birds.

The trail that leads to the waterfall is intermediate level, about 25 minutes of moderate walking. It is a moderate hike in an irregular area (downhill), not recommended for people with mobility limitations.

Duration of Activity: Approximately 5 hours

What you will do:

You will visit an impressive waterfall with basalt prism formations, located in the middle of the mountains on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, a not crowded place, where you will have the opportunity to be in contact with nature while enjoying the exuberant landscapes of the Sierra Madre western.

What is included:

  • Round trip transportation and tour guide. 
  • Water and sodas will be provided during the tour, On the way to the waterfall, we will stop at a local bakery, where we can try different types of bread and the coffee that is grown in the region.
  • Pictures will be taken by your guide along the experience. 

This unique experience happens in a small family-owned Distillery, located up on the mountains, near the magic town of San Sebastian del Oeste, within 1 hour away from Puerto Vallarta. 

The agave fields around the area create a panoramic postcard, while enjoying the breeze of the Sierra Madre Mountains. 

Duration of Activity: Approximately 5 hours.

What you will do:

Our experienced guide will drive you to the mountains where the distillery is located, in one of our vehicles, in a nice short road trip through the non-touristic area, meanwhile you will enjoy the exuberant vegetation of the mountains. You will stop and walk around the green and blue agave fields, your guide will share the cultivation process and some general information of both types of agaves, green which turns in Raicilla and blue for Tequila.

Once you arrive to the distillery you will meet Eduardo, the experienced owner of this business which has been part of his family for 3 generations.

With his gentle and enthusiastic personality, he will take you into the world of two emblematic distilled drinks from Jalisco state, which origins are based in the native groups of the region. And generation trough generation they have kept the techniques of making this two “Spirit Drinks”. Yet the Raicilla is not as popular as Tequila, Jalisco is the only state allowed to produce this exotic distilled.

You will have the chance to learn from an expert all the steps to make Tequila and Raicilla, from the cultivating process, passing through the harvest, cooking the agaves in an old fashion oven, fermenting and distilling. All this in a small group ambience.

What is included:

  • Round trip transportation and tour guide. 
  • Water and sodas will be provided during the tour, box lunch. 
  • Sampler box with the different types of Tequila and Raicilla.
  • Pictures will be taken by your guide along the experience.


Discover one of the most beautiful Botanical Gardens of North America guided by an expert in local flora.

Enjoy the thousands of different species of plants and trees while learning about how the local people use them for holistic and culinary purposes.

The Botanical Garden is surrounded by the mountains of Cabo Corrientes area, which makes it a great place for bird watching.
There are over 270 different species of birds that have been spotted inside the gardens.

Duration of Activity: Approximately 5 hours

What you will do:

You will discover the natural treasures of the Botanical Garden accompanied by a Botanical Expert, who will share some of the native species of plants and trees of Mexico. These species of plants have been used since remote times by the indigenous people due to their culinary uses and their healing benefits, which make them part of the holistic plants of Mexico.

You will visit an organic Vanilla plantation and your guide will explain the delicate and hard work process to produce one of the favorite spices around the world. The Vanilla comes from an orchid native to Mexico. This vine like orchid produces seed pods which are harvested by an artisan to make the Vanilla essence.

What is included:

  • Round trip transportation and tour guide. 
  • Water and sodas will be provided during the tour, box lunch.


Conceived of, written, and directed by Gilles Ste-Croix, co-creator of Cirque du Soleil, Rhythms of the Night – SAVIA is a celebration of spectacular acrobatic skill, pulsating rhythms, vibrant dance, amazing costumes and Ste-Croix’s breathtaking interpretation of the Aztec creation story.

An explosion of color, sound and spectacle, SAVIA tells a powerful story about the persistence of the human spirit using colorful imagery, music, dance and movement. Legend has it there were four civilizations of humanity prior to ours. Each new period saw the evolution of the human race . . . as well as its demise. These previous worlds were destroyed by tornadoes, fires, and floods, yet rituals and sacrifices have kept the human spirit alive. From the bones and ashes of the ancients comes a celebration of the fifth sun and the unflagging hope for a better world.

Duration of Activity: Approximately 5 hours

What you will do:

More than just a show, Rhythms of the Night is an experience! Your evening begins with a Puerto Vallarta sunset cruise across Banderas Bay under a fiery gold and pink sky to the pristine cove of Las Caletas, where you are greeted by hundreds of flickering tiki torches and candles to light your way.

You will be welcomed to the Las Caletas Vallarta Adventures dinner show by dancers, drummers and fantastic jungle creatures who guide you onto the beach where a sumptuous dinner is spread out before you. Every detail is perfect. Palm trees will sway overhead and as you dine, you will hear the ocean lapping gently against the shore.

What is included:

  • Transportation from Amaria Villa to the maritime terminal
  • Sunset cruise
  • Gourmet candle-lit dinner
  • World class show
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages – Open Bar is available at an additional 10 USD per person to be paid at check-in

Get adventurous and have fun. Choose between the different options of excursions we have prepared for you. Or if you prefer to enjoy any of the combo packages we have. Which combine different activities such are: Zip lining, horseback riding, ATV’S, River Expedition and the longest suspension bridge in the world (470 meters in length and 150 meters in height).

Duration of Activity: Time varies depending on chosen activity

What you will do:

Choose any of the different options of adventures in the list:


Feel the adrenaline while flying from mountain to mountain above the river in a 11 ziplines circuit, walk by natural paths and dive in the river at the last line.


For those seeking more fun exploring the mountains of the Sierra Madre. The horse ride is the ideal option to let yourself explore the flora and fauna of the enchanted forest, where you can observe a unique and spectacular natural scenery.

Live and extreme adventure full of adrenaline! Pass through the longest suspension bridge in the world (470 meters in length and 150 meters in height) on board of an ATV, driving through exciting dirt trails across the Sierra Madre Occidental contemplating the beautiful scenarios that surround the eco-park and enjoying the crystalline waters of a waterfall.

Adventure without limits! Go through the mountains on 6 ziplines combined with small hanging bridges, rappel on a wall, free fall rappel, walking trails, a Tarzan line, go down the river on inflatable rafts and finish riding a mule that will make your excursion more comfortable while riding mountain up.


What is included:

  • Round trip transportation from Amaria Villa
  • Welcome Drink
  • Experienced tour guides
  • Water during the tour
  • Tequila Tasting

Banderas Bay is known for its sportfishing.  The waters of the bay are full of world-class billfish and prized catches like Tuna, Snapper, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and more.

Duration of Activity: Approximately 6 hours.

What you will do:

You will take a private boat out into the open waters for a day of deep-sea fishing.
The captain will take you across the second larger bay of America, into this journey of adventure while trying to get a good catch.
The crew are all bilingual professionals who want to catch fish as much as you do.

What is included:

  • Cooler with water, sodas, and beer
  • Experienced Captain and crew
  • Option to cook your catch on board (Ceviche style)

The western Sierra Madre mountains is the home of different unique species of local and migratory birds, such is the majestic Green Military Macaw. Which inhabits the surrounding mountains of Puerto Vallarta.
The protection and preservation of this species is rather vital for the conservation of this birds.
Fortunately their population has been increasing in the last few years due to intense programs and the effort of nature lovers, as it is the Macaw’s sanctuary of Puerto Vallarta.

Duration of Activity: Approximately 5 to 6 hours

What you will do:

Your experience will start at Villa Amaria, we will drive to the south of Puerto Vallarta, taking the coastline highway up to the mountains of Cabo Corrientes area.
A 45-minute ride to enjoy the scenery of the Bay of Banderas all the way to the pine’s trees forest traversing the mountains. Once arriving at the sanctuary, where the expert will share interesting information about the Macaws and their habitat you will have the opportunity to photograph from a close distance these majestic birds while they fly around the trees where their nests are located.
The sanctuary is a place where the birds feel protected. Several “artificial” nests have been set up and adopted by the couples of macaws. This makes the perfect place to see weather adults’ birds, juveniles and of course the paired ones too.
The visit to the sanctuary is about 2 hours, a great opportunity to learn and discover these emblematic birds.

What is included:

  • Round trip transportation
  • Tour guide
  • Sanctuary’s fee
  • Water and snacks