Nestled in the hills of Puerto Vallarta along the river Cuale, is this gorgeous jungle oasis catering to those that seek a unique experience custom tailored package that not only embraces the local culture and traditions, but also will allow you to govern your own vacation through packages and excursions based on your interests.

We are clothing optional, adult only, and LGBTQI friendly.

The Story of Amaria

To understand the story of Amaria, it is first necessary to understand where undines come from and indeed what they are. Undine is a term that appears in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus, a Renaissance alchemist and physician. It is derived from the Latin word unda, meaning “wave”, and first appears in Paracelsus’ book Liber de Nymphis, sylphis, gnomes et salamandris et de caeteris spiritibus, published posthumously in 1658. Undines are the spirits of the waves and of the ocean. 

The elementals are spirits that govern the fire or will, water or emotions, air or thoughts, and earth or matter. You see Amaria was like an emotion that came about. We could say that this resort and dream was always the intentions of those that brought it about, but it would be untrue. The image of Amaria had to be born and logic never entered into the equation. Like falling in love, there never really was a choice. We were simply guided to where we were meant to be. Each taking a turn trusting fate and believing in a dream without knowing the ending. It was like watching a sunrise as the light takes shape. 

As you walk through these grounds drinking of its libations and partaking of its nourishment we hope that your heart will turn to the undines and your emotions will stir with the waves of those spirits and dreams that keep the fire of your heart lit and love of soul vibrant with the spirit of the mother sea. Let Amaria be your guide. 

Meet the Sirens